NeuroBed Explained!

The Quality Suites Drummondville is proud to offer you the brand new NeuroBed Suites, at no extra cost!

Improve your nights!

In order for your body to fully relax before it can fall asleep, you need at least 1 hour of complete calm. That’s the reason why the 4-night programs of the NeuroBed last at least an hour :

Neuro-Massage – 1h00
Nights under the stars – 3h00 (don’t hesitate to restart it overnight)
Prelude & Sensaflo – 7h30
Sensaflo – 7h00
Improve your days
To have more energy and a better mood during the day, you can use the following programs :

Sunrise – 23 minutes (schedule your alarm clock earlier to take advantage of it before getting out of bed and wake up gently)
5-minute Energizing Nap
15-minute Energizing Nap
Energizing Nap programs are the most effective in relieving fatigue and energizing you during the day.

During the night : The NeuroBed will help you reactivate your natural ability to sleep well and erase a lot of accumulated fatigue.

During the day : Thanks to its short Energizing Naps, the NeuroBed will allow you to quickly erase the effects of stress, relax your body and give you an energy gain to continue through your day.